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If you know the perfect place to run to, where you can free your mind and explore like in your childhood, where the unknown isn't necessarily good nor bad, but a place for disappearing and getting lost, where would you go?

In my creative univers, life is an open door - it's the places you have never been to and the dreams you have not yet dreamt. It might not be the world that you thought, but if your never let yourself get lost... you will never be found.

Special Editions

Special Edition Collection


A combination of brilliance and duck-licious fantasy


Let me introduce the MONDLE series, born in 2023 and now let your inner child High-Five you, for making adulthood much more colorful!

Dive into a world where art meets nostalgia and the joy of childhood doodles. Each art poster is hand drawn and inspired by my childhood memories where my mom drew doodles for me, and I should color all the squares.

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Korsbaek x aalborg zoo

Korsbaek for the Elephants

In the fight against poachers Korsbaek Visual donates 100% of the profits from all Elephant artworks to Aalborg Zoo's award-winning project "African Wildlife Support"

The Mighty Elephants

Your life, is your masterpiece!