• My MONDLE story

    MONDLE© has taken me back to my childhood, when my mother drew doodles for me, and one of the best things I knew was to color all the squares in all the colors of the world. And guess what? My inner child is still alive! Now I draw my own doodles and I still love coloring all the squares. Rediscover the magic of creativity with MONDLE, embrace your inner child with the beginnings of timeless stories that are more than just posters.

  • Ph.D. in hilarity

    Dive into a world with MONDLE, where art meets nostalgia, which repeats the joy of childhood doodles. Hand drawn hilarity upgraded from over 500,000 years ago when our ancestors drew tales on cave walls. Let your inner child give you a huge "high-five" to make adulthood much more colorful.

  • MONDLE© on canvas

    MONDLE© is my personal style which is born from my fascination for colours, simplicity and playful inner. I am driven to explore my inner child in order to convey it in the physical world, which is expressed on paper and canvas since 2023. MONDLE art is like doodling, but with a Ph.D. in hilarity. Contact me if interested.