• My story

    MONDLE© have taken me back to childhood when my mom was drawing doodle for me and one of the best things I knew was to color all the squares in all the worlds color. And guess what? My inner child is still alive! Now I draw my own doodle and I still love coloring all the squares.

  • Limited Edition

    All MONDLE© are hand-drawn either on paper or directly into the computer. There is a limited batch of the entire MONDLE© collection consisting of 299 pieces per edit regardless of size. So catch one before your favorite is gone.

  • MONDLE© on canvas

    MONDLE© is my personal style which is born from my fascination for colours, simplicity and playful inner. I am driven to explore my inner child in order to convey it in the physical world, which is expressed on paper and canvas since 2023. Contact me if interested.