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Korsbaek Visual

MONDLE© - Mr. Tickle, Desert

MONDLE© - Mr. Tickle, Desert

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  • 2023 Design
  • Mr. Trickle Edition
  • Available in 3 sizes 
  • Printed on 230g matt art paper (FSC certified)


Introducing the MONDLE Series born in 2023 by Korsbaek Visual

A dive into a world where art meets nostalgia and the joy of childhood doodling. Each art poster is hand-drawn inspired by my childhood memories, where my mom drew doodles for me and I could color in all the squares.

The MONDLE series aren't just drawings; they're a time-traveling ticket to when coloring outside the lines was childhood fun.

Picture this: 500,000 years ago, our cave-dwelling ancestors were basically the original doodlers, turning cave walls into the world's first doodle art gallery. Fast forward to today, and I've upgraded their wall art into MONDLE – a series that's like doodling, but with a PhD in hilarity! 

So, hang a MONDLE art poster on your wall and let your inner child high-five you for making adulthood a bit more colorful! Who knew growning up could be this fun?  #MyArtOfPassion #MONDLELaughs #DoodlePhD #ColorOutsideTheLines


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